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Resourcing and inspiring inclusive adventure, sport and active lifestyles with disabled people.

EA Presents at the First ever BMC disability symposium

Don Mabbs in KITE 1.0 By Tim Fish.

Don Mabbs in KITE 1.0 By Tim Fish.


Come and Find EA at the First Ever BMC Disability Symposium

We will be doing a workshop and presenting some new equipment. We will also have a full display of all our equipment.

A Bit of Back History

It seems like only a moment ago since 1992, when I sat opposite Paul Nunn (RIP) and was sent off to Andy Perkins at Troll with a prototype of the KITE Harness 1.0.  Since then there have been many who have helped our work in Inclusive Climbing, raising money for CE testing and certification, helping with manuals and photo shoots.  Quietly the work continues and has grown to encompass a broad range of sports and activities.  A large part of this has been our work with wounded, injured and sick veterans and serving personnel.  Some of the recent work in this area has been as Technical Advisor to the Royal British Legion’s Battle Back Centre.

What EA is Presenting

“Working with wounded, injured and sick service personnel as part of his work as Technical Advisor to the Battle Back Centre, Suresh has developed a range of resources and techniques to improve climbing with this community. This workshop takes a practical look at these resources and techniques. It explores the way in which it is possible to normalise performance whilst at the same time individualising the use of a range of positive coaching strategies and equipment resources to improve the autonomy and competence of climbers with traumatic injury.”

Thank You

To all of the staff and Battle Backers who have inspired much of what I am going to present.