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Resourcing and inspiring inclusive adventure, sport and active lifestyles with disabled people.

It’s the little things!

Sometimes it is the quiet things, the simple gestures and acts of faith which make all of the difference.

I first made contact with Chris at Chill Cheater during my time on the Canada Alaska Sea Kayak Expedition.  Chris was generous enough to support the Expedition with clothing and encouragement, something we needed bags of.

Years later, in search of fabric for a hand grip, I contacted Chris again. He sent samples and off-cuts for our design prototyping, and the FIST 3.0 Handgrip was born; a lightweight, warm, hand grip which has been gripping hands to paddles for the past ten years.  All this sounds like a standard arrangement, but no, the generosity from Chill Cheater has not stopped.  Generous off-cuts have allowed us to make sport more accessible to those with limited hand function, by enabling us to make the FIST with reduced material costs and so reduce the price to not cost the earth.

If you ever wanted to know where the oval in the middle of your Chill Cheater spray deck gets used, now you know.

Thanks Chris and family, for your continued silent support.

Suresh and the EA Team.