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Resourcing and inspiring inclusive adventure, sport and active lifestyles with disabled people.

Equal Adventure Attend Spinal Injuries Scotland’s Watersports Project Launch Event.

In August, Equal Adventure (EA) attended Spinal Injuries Scotland’s (S.I.S) launch event of their Inclusive Watersports project at Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park (Renfrewshire).

This event came from funding that S.I.S received from the Big Lottery “Celebrate” fund, for their Watersports Coaching Programme, to enable those with a spinal injury the opportunity to learn and take part in Watersports. S.I.S partnered with Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park for the project and held the event at the Park’s Castle Semple Centre, Scotland’s first “Centre of Excellence” for disability sailing.

EA attended the event with their Sailing Bundle, used to cover the needs of sailing centres and organisations whose aim is to maximise their level of inclusion.  The bundle is designed for use primarily in an introductory environment on inshore waters. The Sailing Bundle provides a range of equipment to support the functional needs of people with a range of disabilities, or functional profiles.

The Sailing Bundle provides a variety of EA equipment to enable disabled people to take part in Watersports activities safely, comfortably and effectively.

The EA Aquabac, Slide Board and Stacking Steps were three key pieces of equipment from the bundle that were used at the event, all enabling attendees to take part in the Watersports activities on the day.

The Aquabac was designed specifically for people who require assistance with seated balance. This postural support system is an effective solution, whether the problem is sitting straight in a vessel or preventing discomfort caused by extended activity.

The Aquabac in use at the S.I.S event.

The Aquabac in use at the S.I.S event.

The Stacking Steps are EA’s flat-pack, self-assembly platforms, typically employed in situations where people with limited lower body movement want to move independently, over short distances. EA’s Stacking Steps are designed to give the user a choice of 3 height settings, ensuring most situations when they could be employed are covered. The Stacking Steps have proved to be an essential resource, used across a range of outdoor activities.

The Stacking Steps in use at the S.I.S event.

The Stacking Steps in use at the S.I.S event.

David Hill, Senior Instructor at Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park, has been a long term supporter and client of Equal Adventure’s. The relationship between EA and David Hill has spanned over many years, working together on many projects to make sailing more inclusive with disabled people.

“I started with Clyde Muirshiel 11 years ago, and there were very limited activities available for people with disabilities … We have gone from there, to being the busiest outdoor centre in Scotland for disability sport, and we couldn’t have done it without the support of EA’s products and training modules.” David Hill.

Information about Equal Adventure’s inclusive bundles and training programmes can be found on their website here.