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Resourcing and inspiring inclusive adventure, sport and active lifestyles with disabled people.

Equal Adventure Welcomes New Inclusive Bundles.

Two new bundles have been added to the Equal Adventure (EA) bundles catalogue. Each bundle is a collection of products (specific to an activity) selected to support an integrated group. The Archery Bundle and Sailing Bundle are the most recent additions to the EA bundle range.

The Archery Bundle enables individuals who require assistance with hand or arm function to grip or hold a bow and release an arrow comfortably and effectively. This Bundle supports archery from a seated, perched or stood position.

The Sailing Bundle offers support to enable individuals who require assistance with hand or arm function to grip or hold sailing equipment. The Sailing Bundle also allows posture to be maintained by individuals who require assistance with sitting balance, such as those with spinal cord injuries or unbalanced body shapes, by using postural supports and pads to maintain an active sailing position.

Both bundles offer effective storage of equipment, allowing equipment to be stored in a way that is convenient, organised and accessible.

EA bundles are your one stop shop and starting point to making your organisation and activities more inclusive with disabled people. The contents of any of the EA bundles can be altered; bespoke bundles can be created for you to ensure you have all the correct equipment to support your disabled customers.

EA provide inclusive training programmes to support the use of their equipment, and to ensure that your staff are comfortable using the products and supporting disabled visitors. By adding training to your bundle you will ensure that the level of inclusion is maximised for your organisation. For more information about the training programmes provided by EA, click here.

Full product information will be on our website later this month, but if you can’t wait until then get in touch by emailing or phone 01479 861200 to speak to a member of the EA team directly.