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Equal Adventure at Sailabilty 2017 Wyboston Lakes

It must be February, boats for most are out of the water and plans are being made for the year ahead.  Equal Adventure believes like you, that all people can get on the water and sail.  So we are looking forward to coming and finding you at the Sailability National Conference at Wyboston Lakes on Saturday, 18th February 2017.

Thanks to the Sailability team for the invitation again.

Why not find us at the back of the main auditorium; this is an ideal time to talk through your Sailability equipment needs. EA has a wide range of equipment to support:

  • Comfortable Effective Hands and Helming – with limited hand function
  • Comfortable Posture for Performance
  • Safe Easy Access in and out of a boat.

Comfortable Effective Hands and Helming

EA’s Hand Function and Arm Function range includes the Squid, to keep your hands warm on a Challenger tiller.

Comfortable Posture for Performance

EA’s Trunk Postural Support range is designed to increase sailors’ independence and performance whilst seated. This includes, Aquabac, Chilli Press and Coral Reef Sling.

Easy Access in and out of a boat

To support getting in and out of a boat, more independently, have a look at, the Stacking Steps and  Slide Board.

Please come and say hello at the Conference, or get in touch, to enquire about how we can assist with your Sailability needs.

Looking forward to seeing you there.  We have lots to show you.

Suresh and Team EA.