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Resourcing and inspiring inclusive adventure, sport and active lifestyles with disabled people.

Archery Equipment for Archers with Upper Limb Injuries or Disabilities

Equal Adventure has a range of inclusive archery equipment, designed with wounded and injured service personnel and disabled archers who have upper limb injuries or impairments.

The archery equipment was originally designed with wounded, injured and sick service personnel at The Royal British Legions Battle Back Centre. It is now used there on a regular basis as part of their standard kit. It is now also increasingly used by archery clubs.

The initial problem was to enable beginner archers to fire if they had a missing upper limb, or their upper limb had been damaged and received significant damage, or where individuals had displaced shoulders.

The archery equipment provides for the independent firing of arrows using release mechanisms anchored at the wrist, elbow, shoulder or torso. The trigger is on the bow hand with a multi-adjustable trigger mechanism to suit different body shapes and sizes. The whole set up is fully adjustable to meet each individual’s unique set of requirements.

We have taken the time to help you with your resourcing experience. Find the equipment you will require as a typical archery club to accommodate disabled archers who have upper limb injuries in our archery bundle. You gain the benefit of our experience, saving you hours of time trying to work out how many of which items to purchase.

The EA Archery Bundle is easily described so that you can approach funders with information suited to that typically required on funding application forms.

Archery Bundle - BUN-ARCH-1.0

The Archery Bundle is a selection of equipment for centre or organisation use which enables inclusive archery at the beginner to intermediate level to be engaged in safely and effectively.

As with all specialist equipment, we recommend training at the point of purchase so that you are fully acquainted with the equipment and can support your members with ease. Our training is known for being client-centred and really useful.

The archery equipment is part of a larger range of equipment designed to meet Equal Adventure’s ethos; we are passionate about improving physical activity with everyone regardless of disability.

Contact us so we can help you make your Archery more inclusive.