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Boma 7.75 Rambling for All

The team at Equal Adventure has been busy bringing the Boma 7.75 to life. New features and products make the Boma even more adaptable to the needs of disabled people. The range is suited to anyone using a Boma as part of their rambling, trail riding, mountain or journeying activities.

The Boma is unique in its ability to adapt to the differing functional needs of individuals. These features include:

  • A modular control system that can grow with you if your function changes, so that your Boma can easily change from Handlebar Single Grip Control (right or left) to Handlebar Dual Grip Control to Rear Steered Handlebar, and then move onto being Joystick controlled or Head controlled
  • A modular footrest system that increases your comfort whilst riding, regardless of your skincare needs or leg shapes
  • A modular seating system which allows the Boma rider to gain support for the legs, core or any lower limb amputations
  • To add greater range and functionality we have also created a simple plug into and play modular class III lighting system
  • A range of bags and straps to ensure that you are able to stow and access your equipment independently or while maintaining your control with an assistant. These are ideal for those wishing to carry sticks, equipment for outings or respiratory equipment
  • A range of technical and trail training for the Boma, devised to develop self-maintenance skills and riding techniques, enabling you to go further and ensure that your Boma lasts longer.

Let the Boma 7.75 adapt with you and your condition, to give access to the joys of the sights, smells and experiences of the outdoors.

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