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Coronavirus – COVID 19

Equal Adventure Ltd is currently monitoring the UK Government advice to members of the public in relation to the outbreak of Coronavirus (Covid-19) in China.

We take our duty of care to our customers, visitors and employees as priority and we are taking specific steps to minimise the risk of infection transmission in line with government advice.

We respectfully request that you consider our control measures and notify us if you have concerns relating to any of the following points:

  • Advance notification of visitors, requesting that they make Equal Adventure aware of any travel from countries specified in the current Public Health England (PHE) list of countries.
  • Request for visitors and attendees to notify us on arrival if they have recently returned from any country specified by PHE.
  • We have made available hand sanitising gel widely throughout our business and request that current PHE advice is followed in relation to the importance of hand washing followed by use of hand sanitiser in order to minimise the spread of infectious agents.
  • We request that all delivery drivers use hand sanitiser before handing over documents or packages to Equal Adventure.

Our control measures are all based on current advice from PHE and can be readily accessed via the following link: 

We thank you in advance for your consideration.

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