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Resourcing and inspiring inclusive adventure, sport and active lifestyles with disabled people.


The overall mission for Equal Adventure is to inspire and resource outdoor adventure, sport and active lifestyles with disabled people. Structure Equal Adventure is split into two entities:

  • Equal Adventure Charity
  • Equal Adventure Developments Ltd

Equal Adventure Charity

Equal Adventure is registered in Scotland as a charity (SC039133) and a limited company (SC340267).

Its aim is to act as a socially aware interface between the aspirations of disabled people, and the development of resources and opportunities.

  • It focuses on the following three objectives when working towards its aim:
  • to inspire the uptake of outdoor adventure activities by disabled people in an inclusive setting
  • to improve the quality of resources available to support the wider inclusion of disabled people in outdoor adventure, sport and active lifestyles
  • to inspire young professionals in their chosen career pathway.

Equal Adventure Developments Ltd

Equal Adventure Developments Ltd is a limited company (SC234298) registered in Scotland.
Its aim is to design, develop and sell sports equipment, and provide support services to enable the equipment to be used safely and effectively for active involvement in sport and physical activity by disabled people.  It achieves this through the delivery of the following programmes:

  • design and development of new equipment, with a particular focus on adventure sports
  • improvement of current equipment, following extensive customer feedback
  • creation and delivery of original, ‘Powerpoint’ free, inclusion/disability awareness training to outdoor, sporting, corporate and not-for-profit settings
  • provision of information and advice to individuals and organisations interested in inclusive sport and physical activity

The Limited Company acts as a responsible delivery mechanism for The Charity. It provides and supports volunteer time, and provides office resources to support the trustees and ongoing operations of Equal Adventure Charity.

Data Usage

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Calls to and from Equal Adventure

In addition to this, in order to maintain high standards, we need to record all incoming and outgoing telephone calls and retain them for a limited period of time. Recordings may be used for training purposes, to improve customer care, to support the investigation of complaints particularly those concerning any allegations at work, for disciplinary purposes, and to provide evidence of any regulatory investigation.


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