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Resourcing and inspiring inclusive adventure, sport and active lifestyles with disabled people.

Environmental Fair Trade and Pricing Policy


We care about our staff and our customers. Our staff are all paid at least the Living Wage.


General Principles

  • We work to batch production methods. This means that we optimise the use of our virgin material, be it wood, plastic, or metal
  • We reduce the carbon footprint of our materials and equipment by purchasing in bulk, managing the most efficient delivery method and recycling where possible.


At Equal Adventure we are fanatical about reducing the amount of material we use to create your products and resources:

  • metal – we recycle scrap metal
  • wood – off-cuts are used for heating
  • ink cartridges and mobile phones – recycled by Recycle for Charity which provides a modest income to support further developments
  • batteries, paper, plastic, card, tins and glass – recycled at kerbside or nearby facilities
  • computer parts – we use a lot of software as a service which means that we can utilise computer hardware efficiently; hardware is recycled
  • foam – used with 100% efficiency due to our innovative shredding machine
  • fabric – cut efficiently, with off-cuts being donated to Highland Hospice;
    we disassemble and recycle any EA products you send back to us at the end of their life.


We work with a ‘not for profit’ ethos. Any profit made is used to grow the business and further support its mission. This means that our prices are set to prioritise value to our customers while maintaining our survival.


The EA team continually works to improve our processes and quality.


Our prices are set to prioritise value to our customers while maintaining our survival. We price all our products and services at the lowest possible cost whilst ensuring that we support all elements of the supply chain and product life cycle. To help us do this we have a stringent costing system that allows the EA team to be clear about the total cost of a product, repair, bespoke item, training or outdoor course.