Suresh Paul

Managing Director & Principal Advocate

Tel : 01479 861200

Suresh Paul, PhD, is founder and director of Equal Adventure Developments Ltd and Principal Advocate for Equal Adventure Registered Chairty.

His early interest in outdoor adventure activities saw him sitting at the bottom of an abseil watching children with arthritis struggling to cope with the discomfort from use of a standard climbing harness. This led to his inspiration for the first of over sixty products, the Kite I climbing harness.

Following several years of coaching and one year at the Falmouth School of Art, he completed a BA (Hons) degree in Design with Applied Technology at Sheffield Hallam University and set about his professional life. He launched and ran the Adventure Designs Project at Brunel University, legacies from which form the basis of Equal Adventure.

Throughout this time, Suresh took part and led a number of inclusive expeditions in the UK and further afield. These not only gave him a wealth of personal experiences, but provided invaluable research for equipment design and development, leadership styles and tools to improve inclusion in outdoor adventure activities.

In 2010, Suresh completed his PhD, which examined the creation of resources and coaching strategies to improve access to adventure sport and active lifestyles with disabled people.

Suresh continues to help drive Equal Adventure forward, while being Technical Adviser to the Battle Back Centre, and Honorary Research Fellow at Leeds Metropolitan University.