Dale Rennard

Design and Development, Equal Adventure Developments

Tel : 01479 821200

Dale pursued a career in outdoor education, predominantly working at the Calvert Trust in Kielder, from 1988 to 1996. As senior instructor at the Calvert Trust he supported the provision of daily activities for up to 70 disabled individuals, their family and friends. A post that required the training and mentoring of seasonal instructors to fine tune and adapt existing skills and adopt inclusive practices.

As a mature student in 1996 he supported a Product Design degree at the University of Central Lancashire with freelance instruction. During his course he was involved in projects that included the design of open canoeing prosthetics for members of the 1997 Coppermine River Expedition and field trials of the Aquabac postural support in Israel and Iceland. During this time it became apparent that the physical requirements to participate in outdoor activities needed accommodating with flexible equipment, a considered approach to the rules and pragmatic approach.

Since graduation Dale has continued to drive forward the thinking behind Equal Adventure and expand both the product range and develop resources, most recently contributing to the content, structure and categorisation of Equal Adventure Equipment and Training.