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Resourcing and inspiring inclusive adventure, sport and active lifestyles with disabled people.

Inclusive Expeditions Workshop March 2015

Sunday 8th March 2015    10.00 –  4.30
Royal Geographical Society (with IBG)

This course, delivered by Equal Adventure, provides an introduction to disability and inclusion. It is designed for providers and leaders who want to develop a more inclusive approach to their expedition and fieldwork practice. It will provide attendees with an opportunity to explore the practicalities of running inclusive expeditions and fieldwork using a position, functional approach. The course will introduce a range of tools which instill confidence to encourage participation.

The course is accredited by the Institute for Outdoor Learning and (SHANE PLEASE ADD IN RGS GO ACCREDITATION), allowing participants to gain CPD points.

Course Content
This is a one-day classroom-based course. It addresses practical and ethical issues for consideration by the leader and team, using case studies to illustrate key points.

The course explains structures and methodologies which have been used on numerous inclusive expeditions and field trials around the world. It explores each of the planning and preparation issues, to ensure that everyone is mentally and physically ready for their journey and that everyone is supported not only throughout their daily routines but also when confronted with a new challenge.

The course sessions start with an introduction to the positive approach utilised throughout the day, benefiting positive language in leadership/fieldwork practice. This is followed by a session on ‘sense-able’ communication, function based approaches to leadership/fieldwork practice, and how to stack up the varying tools to optimise enjoyment and effectiveness on person-centred inclusive practices for leaders and participants alike.

This foundation course will allow staff to:

  • Understand disability and inclusion related issues
  • Understand the needs of disabled people when accessing facilities or opportunities
  • Take access and equity issues out of the ‘too-hard- to-handle basket’ through providing tools that increase confidence to work in a more inclusive manner
  • Better understand the legal requirements of the Equality Act (2010 and 2012)

Morning Objectives:

  • Describe the meaning of the term ‘positive language’ and how a positive approach can aid good practice
  • Tailor communication preferences to aid effective person-centred communication with disabled people with a range of different impairments
  • Describe why a function-based approach is enabling for the leader/practitioner and participant, and supports inclusion
  • Understand how dignity, control and capacity apply within the context of inclusive activity
  • Demonstrate how stacking up helps to create safe, enjoyable and inclusive expedition and fieldwork practice that meets the requirements of the Equality Act.

Afternoon Objectives:

  • To review the legislative issues concerning inclusive ‘off-site safety’ practice
  • To review inclusive goal setting with respect to the task, the team and each individual
  • To identify the ethical issues and dilemmas of expedition/trip planning and leadership
  • To explore additional planning and logistic requirements of an extended journey
  • To establish pre-trip training and equipment development needs to enable meaningful participation on the journey
  • To review the need for balancing personal, activity and leisure time to sustain participation and inclusion, by keeping individuals in control of their daily routines.