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Boma All Terrain

Equal Adventure All Terrain Boma

The Boma is now made in Scotland in the Cairngorms. The Equal Adventure team weld, stick and create the electronics from start to end, and we also repair, service and provide parts for existing Boma customers for both the Boma 5 (Saft and Heinzman) and Boma 7.

Boma 7.5 – Your Way

The Boma 7.5 can be tailored to your needs. The two basic options are Joystick or Handlebar. Our modular seating, electrics, and control system, and our on-site manufacturing mean that your Boma can be made your way to suit your needs. We have created a range of Boma Bundles to help you make your choice, so have a look or get in touch!

  1. Boma Handlebar 
  2. Boma Joystick 
  3. Head and Chin Control – Customised to Order.

You can choose an Equal Adventure standard colour or customise your colour options as you order. If you send us the colours you want we will do the best to match it.


Upgrade from a Handlebar to a Joystick

For Boma users who need to upgrade from a Handlebar to a Joystick as a result of a change in your functional requirements, we have developed a unique upgrade that means that you can keep getting out even when your circumstances change.

Boma 7 Joystick Upgrade Bundle – BUN-BJU-1.0

Adding a Chin Control or Additional Joystick to Your Boma

The Equal Adventure team will work with you to maximise your control options. We can add or tailor:

  • Head or Chin Switch Control
  • Additional Joystick.

Boma 7.5 Class III Lighting Kit

Adding Lighting to your Boma 7.5 could not be easier. It can be fitted to your Boma in the factory or can be added later as a plug and play upgrade.

Boma 7.5 Class III Lighting Kit enables your Boma to be legally used on the road. The kit includes headlights, rear lights, a horn, mirror, and indicators.

Boma 7.5 Class III Lighting Kit conforms to UK DVLA regulations relating to mobility devices used on the road. This system is easily installed by plugging directly into the Equal Adventure modular electronic control box fitted to both Boma 7.5 Handlebar and Boma 7.5 Joystick chairs. Note: Boma 7.5 Joystick chair may require reprogramming to allow control of the lighting system from the joystick unit.

Boma Lighting Bundle – BUN-BL-1.0

Meeting Your Functional and Practical Needs


Equal Adventure has a wide range of seating and postural support options that can be tailored in the factory. The Equal Adventure team has over 25 years of experience in designing and creating postural support equipment with individuals who want to get active/outside. Ask one of the Equal Adventure team and we can make a full assessment with you.

Hand Function and Arm Support

Equal Adventure has a wide range of hand grips that can be used on the Boma, and a range of customisable arm supports and wraps for individuals using a Joystick or Head Control Boma.

Pads and Protection

The Boma provides a padded and suspended space for the rider to protect you from the trail or track. All seating options are chosen with you to make sure that they suit your skincare needs. If you have additional needs for padding and protection then do let us know; we can choose from our existing range or tailor something to your needs in our workshop.

The Boma for Organisations and Cycle Clubs

Equal Adventure has a long history of working with outdoor centres and sports clubs across a wide array of activities. The Equal Adventure team bring this expertise to the Boma with:

  • Modular Footrest and Postural Support Options for Group Use
  • Control Options for Ride Guides
  • Kill Switches for Guides
  • Maintenance Training and Trail Training
  • Sports Development Support.

Boma Journeys and Expeditions

Equal Adventure has a long history of inspiring and creating inclusive expeditions and journeys. We continue to run Inclusive Expeditions. For more information or to book, click on the link or ask one of the Equal Adventure team. The EA Team has taken this expedition ethos into the Boma:

  • Boma Tours
  • Boma Accessories
  • Trailers
  • Additional Batteries
  • Cosy Legs and Clothing
  • Boma Bags and Packaging
  • We also have a range of Field Toilet and Expedition Equipment that works with the Boma.

Keeping You on the Trail and Out and About

Equal Adventure knows that time is precious and that it is important to make sure that you can keep your Boma going. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong and you need an upgrade or you have a breakage, all you have to do is post back any part of the plug and play electronics and we can send you a new one (there may be a charge). To ensure that you can keep going we have:

  • Used Mountian Bike Technology
  • Offer a Full Spares Service
  • Created a Truly Plug and Play drive and control system that can be replaced or upgraded with very little technical knowledge.

Full Range of Boma Accessories

Equal Adventure offers a full range of riding accessories that ensure that you can:

  • Maintain your Boma independently
  • Ride Safe
  • Store and Transport your Boma.

Can I Upgrade my Boma 7 to a Boma 7.5?

In short, yes! All developments we have can and will continue to be able to be used on the Boma 7, following our ethical stance on design and production.

New Developments from Equal Adventure All Terrain

Since taking over the Boma, the Equal Adventure design and engineering team have:

  • Created new seating options
  • Produced new modular footrest options
  • Designed new clothing and weather protection
  • Created a range of bags and packaging
  • Developed a new modular drive and control system
  • Improved the vibration dampening in the suspension system.

Production Improvements

The Equal Adventure Production team has been through the Boma with a fine toothcomb to ensure that the highest standards of production are applied. We continue to be proud to manufacture all of the Boma in Scotland along with the rest of the Equal Adventure range.

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The Molten Rock Foundation has been forced to cease as a result of the liquidation of Molten Rock Equipment Ltd in November 2016.

The Molten Rock Foundation was established to promote access to the countryside and other non paved areas for all persons with ambulatory disabilities through access to specialist equipment.

The specialist all-terrain mobility product previously manufactured by Molten Rock Equipment Ltd is now in production with Equal Adventure Developments.


The Boma off road all terrain powered wheelchair complements the equipment already manufactured and sold by Equal Adventure. Equal Adventure’s skill and experience in designing, creating, manufacturing and selling safe effective solutions means that we are able to manufacture the Boma off road all terrain powered wheelchair to the highest standards, while offering quality after sales and servicing opportunities throughout the UK and abroad.


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Boma History

The Molten Rock Foundation has been forced to cease as a result of the liquidation of Molten Rock Equipment Ltd in November 2016. The Molten Rock Foundation was established to...


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