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Resourcing and inspiring inclusive adventure, sport and active lifestyles with disabled people.

Choosing Your Boma

The following information should help you when choosing your Boma product.  All items are availble through the EA Shop if there is something that you need that you dont see then please contact

Your Boma Chair

We can make a Boma that will work for you. Our options are the Boma 7.5 Handlebar or, for those who typically use a powered wheelchair, we would recommend the Boma 7.5 Joystick. A range of options are available through the fitting process, to tailor the Boma Allterrain to your needs.

Handlebar or Joystick

Active Posture and Seating Options

Make sure you are comfortable and supported when actively using your Boma, choose options that help you focus on riding and not your posture. Your active seating options are:

  • Lateral support
  • Four Point Harness
  • Pressure Relieving Cushion of your choice

Support and Protection – Foot and Leg Support

We offer a range of lower body supports to keep you comfortable and protected or help you keep your posture or spasm under your control.

  • Ankle Support Straps
  • Leg Positioning Straps.

Control – Handle Bar Options

A Boma All Terrain 7.5 Handlebar can be set up to your requirements. Throttle and switching controls can be positioned according your needs to ensure that you can maximise your control, options include:

  • Left hand twist grip throttle
  • Right hand twist grip throttle
  • Dual Hand Twist Grip Throttle
  • Throttle twist grip extension.

Control – Joystick Options

A boma All Terrain 7.5 Joystick can be set up to your requirements. Joystick control can be positioned according your needs to ensure that you can maximise your control, options include:

  • Left hand Joystick
  • Right hand Joystick

Ease of Transfer – Locate your Control Box

Choose where you would like your control box position for your Boma 7.5 Handlebar. Position your control box to minimize interference with transfers.

  • Control Box Left hand side of seat
  • Control Box Right hand side of seat


We have a range of battery choices available. Choose for your enquiry and we will be happy to talk you through the options.
Set of two spare


The Boma All Terrain Charger is designed to charge overnight, do consider how you are going to be using your Boma and if you require an extra charger, for going away or in case your Dog chews through a cable or you leave one behind.

  • Spare Boma All Terrain Charger