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Resourcing and inspiring inclusive adventure, sport and active lifestyles with disabled people.


Equal Adventure has put together ‘Bundles’ of kit that have been specifically designed to cover the needs of adventure centres whose aim is to maximise their level of “inclusion”.  We have ‘bundled’ kit into three sets to help you in making the decision about what will be best for your centre, club or organisation.


In terms of kit Equal Adventure’s “Gold Bundle” will enable you to cover virtually all eventualities, catering for the complex needs of practically all those individuals with disabilities wanting to participate.  Providing you have the storage this bundle can’t be bettered.

Gold Bundle – Water Sports

Gold Bundle (Ropes)


Equal Adventure’s “Silver Bundle” of kit has been selected to cover a wide range of individual needs with a particular focus on those people who have use of ‘trunk and arms’ and ‘arms only’.  While this ‘bundle’ has been designed to be mobile it would require a place for longer term storage.

Silver Bundle – Water Sports

Silver Bundle (Ropes)


The “Bronze Bundle” selection has been designed for mobility where storage might be an issue.  It caters for individuals with non-complex needs and the range of kit provided is a ‘starter pack’ for those keen to become more “inclusive” in their offer.

Bronze Bundle – Water Sports

Bronze Bundle (Ropes)