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Resourcing and inspiring inclusive adventure, sport and active lifestyles with disabled people.

EA Outdoor Activities


EA Outdoors inspires and provides high quality inclusive and tailored adventure.

Equal Adventure is the leading organisation for outdoor adventure, showcasing and sharing its knowledge, experience, and positive approach to inclusion for all at conferences throughout the world.

We work with:

  • Schools and Special Schools – We tailor outdoor activities and experiences to meet your learning outcomes, recognising the unique requirements of each group and individual.
  • Individuals and Groups – We provide outdoor activities and holidays for everyone to experience and enjoy, encouraging meaningful participation through a positive client-centred approach.
  • Expedition and Journey Support – We provide expedition support for schools, groups and individuals who want to undertake self supported adventures or journeys regardless of disability.

AALA In application

EA Outdoors offers coached activities and journeys that are:

  • are safety first
  • tailor to individual needs
  • are inclusive
  • are meaningful
  • optimise and maximise activity and performance
  • achieve positive outcomes
  • recognise the full range of psychological and physical health benefits from being outdoors

Your EA Outdoors Team

Your EA Outdoors team will be hand-picked to meet your group’s diversity of needs and outcomes. They are all highly experienced time-served practitioners, with a high level of adaptive capacity to accommodate diversity and differences of people, equipment and environments, and with encounters in remote and challenging environments. They are able to bring their joy and enthusiasm for the outdoors to life with you.

Adventure Activities Licensing Authority License

As we are based in Scotland we operate under the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority and hold a licence which is run by the Health and Safety Executive. Their role is to ensure adventure providers use good safety management practices. These should allow young people to experience exciting and stimulating activities outdoors without being exposed to avoidable risks. Our safe working practices extend to all the activities we provide for people of all ages.


We only use high quality equipment, including award winning equipment designed and manufactured by ourselves to the highest standards (British Standards where they exist). We can even make bespoke equipment in our workshops. The equipment and our expert use of it helps us to provide the best opportunity for participants to engage in safe, injury free, meaningful performance. Our standard equipment ranges include kit for activity and performance, mobility and movement, communication and experience, planning and approach.

Coaching Approach

Our coaching approach maximises the time spent being physically active. Our coaching approach and access to equipment means that we are able to work with clients with more complex conditions. Through our ability to accommodate diversity and differences of people, equipment and environments, we inspire participation for all.
We recognise that some will never previously have had the opportunity to access outdoor adventure, and we enjoy introducing the health benefits of being outdoors. Respecting each individual’s dignity, maximising their capacity and optimising their situational control lies at the core of the instructional/coaching approach.
The common goal for all our work is to ensure we inspire each and every participant such that they leave with a smile originating from within themselves.


We recognise that being outdoors benefits children’s health, development, fitness, confidence and imagination. This is true for non-disabled children and for those with the most complex needs.
To ensure you achieve the aims and objectives you require, we tailor all our experiences to the people with whom we are working. By necessity this has to start with a conversation, so please call or email us (insert link) to begin this. We can offer you an experience of a few hours, a few days, to a full expedition.
If you are a Scottish school we will work with you to ensure the experiences and outcomes fit with the Curriculum for Excellence. If you are an English School we will work with you to ensure the experiences and outcomes fit with the relevant Key Stage.
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Individuals and Groups

For Individuals and Groups –

We provide inclusive activities and holidays for individuals and groups who wish to experience challenge and enjoy time outdoors.
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Expedition Support

Inclusive Expedition and Journey Support –

  • We provide expedition support for schools, groups, and individuals
  • We offer inclusive field living for those who want to undertake self-supported adventures or journeys regardless of disability
  • We recognise that even a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step
  • Every journey starts with a conversation
  • We are fully conversant with BS 8848, the British Standard which specifies operational requirements for organisers of adventurous and educational activities abroad.

Information and Booking


Here is an idea of the activities we provide and the courses that we can deliver. All of your courses will be tailored to your requirements, so please use this information as inspiration.