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Resourcing and inspiring inclusive adventure, sport and active lifestyles with disabled people.

Overland Journeys


An overland journey is the ultimate way to learn the skills and planning needed to experience a real adventure. We will tailor the course to meet your own aims and needs so that by the end of your journey you will have learned a number of key basic skills that will enable you to journey alone or with others in the future.

  • Learn how to plan for a journey
    • Clothing
    • Equipment
    • Nutrition and Hydration
    • Route planning
    • Checking the weather forecast
  • Understand your rights and responsibilities in the countryside.
  • How to minimise your environmental impact.
  • Learn about access issues.
  • Learn how to navigate through remote areas using a map, compass and pacing.
  • How to be safe in the outdoors. e.g. Give people a route card before you leave.