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Resourcing and inspiring inclusive adventure, sport and active lifestyles with disabled people.


Experience a real adventure! Camp overnight on a journey whether that be on or off land. Using modes of transport such as canoes and bikes,a supported camping journey will enable you to carry enough supplies for a trip that can last longer than overnight, without having to rely on backpacks and your own body to carry what you need. We will tailor this course to your individual aims and needs. By the end of it you will have learned all the skills needed to go on a journey and camp by yourself or with others in the future.

  • Camp planning
    • Suitable camping locations.
    • Tent assembly.
    • Correct equipment choice.
    • Supply packing technique.
  • Learn how to plan for a journey
    • Clothing
    • Equipment
    • Nutrition and Hydration
    • Route planning
    • Checking the weather forecast
  • Understand your rights and responsibilities in the countryside.
  • How to minimise your environmental impact.
  • Learn about access issues.
  • Learn how to navigate through remote areas using a map, compass and pacing.
  • How to be safe in the outdoors. e.g. Give people a route card before you leave.