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Resourcing and inspiring inclusive adventure, sport and active lifestyles with disabled people.

Bundles Explained

Equal Adventure has put together ‘Bundles’ of kit that have been specifically designed to cover the needs of adventure centres whose aim is to maximise their level of “inclusion”. We have ‘bundled’ kit into three categories to help you in making the decision about what will be best for your centre or club. Our bundles ensure that you can you can save money whilst at the same time purchasing the right kit to make you and your organisation more inclusive.

We have used our years of experience coaching and leading expeditions, along with feedback from our clients, to create a range of flexible, user-centred bundles that optimise meaningful inclusion. Our bundles save you money and help you to purchase the kit you are most likely to need when running sessions in a range of different activities/sports with disabled performers or integrated groups.

  1.  Approach, Communication and Experience
    Approach, Communication and Experience bundles enhance the communication between individuals, to help maintain the dignity, capacity and control of participants in a group or centre setting. They provide resources for the built centre and outdoor environments to improve access, and provide instructors and coaches with supplementary resources that support the pastoral care of individuals and groups.
  2. Activity and Performance Bundles
    Activity and Performance bundles support an integrated group in a specific activity/sport area. They provide centres with appropriate facilities, the necessary equipment to enable safe and active or experiential participation by disabled athletes or performers within a specific sport. Where appropriate, the kit will enable more effective participation, to facilitate coaching for sports specific skill acquisition.
  3. Mobility and Movement
    Mobility and Movement bundles provide assistance with transfer between one position and another, to optimise dignity, capacity and control for everyone, including both performer and coach. They support controlled transfers, and where appropriate facilitate the use of anatomically correct positioning for assistants. These bundles can be used in a range of environments; indoors or outdoors, land or water based, at differing heights.

Who does a Bundle Cater For

In compiling the bundles an average integrated group was considered:

  • Demographic typical of a modern secondary school
  • Approx. group size of 10
  • Group consisting of approx. 8 leg, trunk and arms performers and 2 trunk and arms
  • performers (1 of these may be arms only)
  • Each Activity and Performance bundle is specific to 1 group/activity
  • Each Communication and Experience bundle is based on a group, an instructor or a facility
  • Each Mobility and Movement bundle is based on each mobility type, a predominance of a particular type may require multiple bundles
  • Bundles can be supplemented with additional items as required.