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Meeting an Immediate or Unexpected Need

We don’t always have time to gather our thoughts and plan in detail before we are asked to meet an unexpected need.  If you have been put into a position where you need immediate assistance so that you can provide an un-planned or unexpected inclusive service or session then do give us a call or drop us a line. Use our contact form in the first instance and a member of the EA team will be in touch.

In the mean time here are a list of questions which may help your gather your thoughts and help the EA team to help you!

  1. Is this a one off occurrence, do you think that this is the start of a trend?
  2. What is the issue or service you have been asked to provide?
  3. Who are the team that arg going to be involved in the service delivery?
  4. What is the budget and resources you have to deliver this service?

Whatever the answer to these questions the EA Team is here to help!