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Resourcing and inspiring inclusive adventure, sport and active lifestyles with disabled people.

EA’s Positive Functional Approach

Equal Adventure Developments Ltd (EA) provides training, equipment and information to support the provision of inclusive outdoor activities, sport and active lifestyles. Whether you are a club, school group or sporting society, EA recognises that you want to provide activities to people who have a wide range of needs, regardless of disability. By adopting a positive and active approach, you can maximise participation and increase the inclusion of disabled people into meaningful activities.


Applying the evidence gained through research with disabled people, EA understands that:


People differ according to their;approach to an activity, e.g motivation to participate

  • preferred communication style
  • personal experience, ie maintenance of dignity, capacity and control.


Functional Charateristics Catered for in EA Bundle Type People function differently, requiring;

  1. pads and protection
  2. postural support
  3. hand and arm function
PERFORMANCE AND ACTIVITY ICON People access an activity through;independent methods of movement

  1. assisted methods of movement
  2. mechanical methods of movement
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If you would like to understand more then look at the Equal Adventure Training,

All of the issues are explored in:

Module 1 and a deeper understanding is provided in Module 2